About our lab tools and how we provide superior gemological services

One of the most important tools in the gemologist's tool set. The refractometer gives us the refractive index including the optic character and sign of the gemstones. One must be properly trained to know how to use the refractometer properly and to get the most from its testing ability. The new generation of refractometers is seen at left with a cubic zirconia hemicylinder that is far easier to use and much less likely to get scratched. Remember, training and practice are very important with the refractometer.







The polariscope is a critical piece of equipment for any gemologist's office. It can easily identify single and double refractive gemstones, and in many cases allow us to view the optic interference figure and deteremine the optic character of the gemstone. 


This important tool is used daily in our gemological appraisal lab.





Critical in identifying many synthetic and imitation gemstones. The dichroscope allows us to actually see the pleochroism in a gemstone, in other words it allows us to see the multiple colors that many gemstones produce. Since human eyes cannot separate these colors in most cases, the dichroscope uses calcite crystals to separate the light waves and allow us to see the seperate colors. This is a very important addition to our testing tools inventory.




Chelsea Filter
The Chelsea Filter can separate every tanzanite imitation on the market from the real thing. It can identify the chromium content of Colombian emeralds, give a red reaction to natural Lapis Lazuli, show chromium content of jade, separate synthetic blue spinel from natural. It is one of the most important tools in our gemology lab.






One of the most important gemological testing tool and one that few appraisers fully understand. With the many undisclosed treatements and created gemstones on the market it is critical that a properly trained gemologist is well trained on the use of the spectroscope. We have the advanced training and expertise to understand the gemological spectroscope and how to use its unique testing ability to insure you the most accurate jewelry and gemstone evaluation.





Microscopes and other tools including advanced testing
Our gemological lab includes many other important gem testing tools, including advanced testing provided by the International School of Gemology's Gem Lab through our office. These additional services available through our office include, but are not limited to, the following:






* Raman Spectroscopy

* XRF Elemental Analysis

* Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis (SEM)



At Jewelry Appraisals of Southern California we are proud to provide you with the highest level of gemological expertise and testing available anywhere in the industry.